Friday, June 19, 2015

It Lives! Our blog lives!

I admit it wholeheartedly~ I am a terrible blogger. But I'm an awesome creator, an alright business woman, and a totally-crazy, hanging-by-my-fingernails but still pretty great mommy. So hang in there with me because in the end you'll love that you did. ;)

My small, two person (myself and sometimes my husband) business run from any spare scrap of space I can find in our rental and worked on every spare second day or night, is called Growing Up Geeky. And we make the cutest, cleverest, comfiest baby and toddler costumes and clothing you have ever seen.

Every month we come out with new designs. And my head is packed with hundreds more.
We do all our own dying. All our own designing. And all our own stamping, painting, sewing, gluing, etc.

When you support us in any way (buying, sharing, liking or following) know that you are building up a great little family, supporting real people, who make stuff with their own two hands and a baby wrapped around their ankles.
And don't forget- Raise your kids up right. Raise them to be geeks.

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