Saturday, August 1, 2015


I know I said that I was going to be better about blogging, and keep my photos updated and start building back stock to prep for Christmas. This time of year is usually our slowest and so we take this time to get ahead a little, build new equipment and do our big updating projects (we just changed to screen printing yay! but that's another blog for another day). But this months Growing Up Geeky alone has quadrupled it's orders compared to last DECEMBER! We've had 4times the orders in July then we had at Christmas!!! Isn't that fantastic?!? Yay us. And I.... feel like I'm dying.

It hasn't only been orders online; we also started selling in 2 stores (Savannah and L.A.) did a huge rush order for my friend's husband's Airforce squadron, got an order from our favorite shop, Pisces Passions, and as mentioned completely changed the way we make almost everything which is a huge huge trial and error process. Everyday this month has been a mad dash to accomplish as much as possible in the work day and be a great mom somewhere in there too, try to balance the marriage, the house, the bills, the kid, the feeding of everyone and at the end of the day I'm balling my fists screaming in my head; Why do they have to eat everyday?

But honestly, I'm absolutely astounded and so so grateful for all our customers and their amazing support. For the most part everyone is so patient, enthusiastic and so fun to work with. We've had our mishaps this month, more than I would have liked, and our costumers have stood by us. You all mean the world to us.

Thank you for the support, the orders, the patience, the awesome ideas, the photos. You guys seriously make it all worth while.