Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Welcome and what are we doing here

Hello hello and welcome to our blog for

Growing Up Geeky is a little shop dedicated to geekdom for babies, toddlers and kids and their adoring geeky parents. Everything we make is hand done and unique and all that. We are an off shoot of my mother company Live Steamy and came into existence while I was pregnant and getting all excited about all the things I could make for my own baby and then deciding to share those things.

Our most important link: www.etsy.com/shop/growingupgeeky  is to our etsy shop where you can browse what is currently for sale and purchase items. You can also follow us, add our items to treasuries and <3 and share and pin like a mad man! But seriously every time you share one of our items you help us grow! So please feel free to spread us around. 

Next we have our facebook: www.facebook.com/shopgrowingupgeeky TA DA~ Our facebook is used not only for social media and will talk about deals and updates and what not but is also our gallery. Everything that Growing Up Geeky has ever made will be on there. Even special orders and sold items. We do this so everyone can see potential items and order their own version if they like. But also because it can be hard to part with your work sometimes, it's nice to be able to go back and see it all. *happy sigh* Again please like the page and share share share. 

We have a joint twitter that we share with Live Steamy: www.twitter.com/livesteamy fun stuff. 

And of course the blog. (but I must warn you~ I'm a super slacker when it comes to blogging) On the blog we will of course post about the shop and new projects. Most importantly deals and sales (stay tuned for next post!!). But we will also share parenting stories and videos and studies and things I find interesting. We will post songs for linksy party ~Musical Mondays~ and talk about crazy fun things like that. And I hope that you'll read and enjoy and comment and share and forgive long absences ;) when they happen. 

So to all the parents and loves of geekdom I give the biggest, warmest, giddiest welcome a person running on half hour sleep intervals can possibly muster. ~*~

Love to you and yours.

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